Full Set Appointments
  • Your first appointment for lash extensions will be a “full set,” which takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours for classic lashes or 2 to 2.5 hours for hybrid or volume lashes. If you’d like hybrid lashes, book that under volume (it’s the same price and appointment duration as volume). Please see the booking page for a full service/pricing list. 
  • Note that people with very short or fine lashes are usually not candidates for classic or hybrid lashes, and those strands are often too heavy for those lashes to hold. Volume is a better choice for smaller natural lashes, as they can be customized to suit the strength of your lash in as healthy a way as possible. 

Lash Fills
  • Your natural lashes shed daily, and when they do, the extensions go with them. As new lashes grow in and mature, they will need new extensions applied to them. Occasionally, you may also notice some instances where the extensions come loose of your lash and fall off in addition to the normal shedding described above. The maintenance appointments to replenish lost extensions are call “fills.” These appointments are recommended every two weeks for most guests. The duration of the appointment as well as the price will be based on the length of time (in weeks) between appointments. 
Foreign Fills
  • I do accept clients with existing lash extensions. It may take a few appointments to fully transition over to my lashes from the previous tech’s work. The style and technique may differ, so I ask that you give me at least two-three appointments to fully transition you. 
  • If you have previous lashes, but more than 70% of them are gone, or you can easily count the number of extensions you have left, go ahead and book a full set instead of a fill for your first visit with me.
  • In rare occasions, the previous lashes simply need to be removed entirely and a new set applied, especially if there is pain, significant damage to the extensions OR natural lashes, and/or if the extensions are clumped together. In these instances, I prefer to book a removal one day and then a full set on the following day. I am willing to do them back to back, but it’s not ideal, due to the chemicals used for the removal. Text me if you have questions or concerns about whether your extensions need to be removed first.

Book online, or text/call 931-206-9530 (text preferred). Got questions? Text me or use this contact form.

The following suggestions will help your appointment go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • NO EYE MAKEUP. Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup, and avoid waterproof liner or mascara for several days prior to your appointment. Residue from cosmetics can hinder the adhesive’s ability to form a very strong bond with your natural lash. (Arriving with no makeup at all would be ideal, but especially no eye makeup.)
  • AVOID CAFFEINE for several hours prior to your appointment. It’s a long time to lie still, and caffeine tends to make people jittery, which can slow down application time.
  • Feel free to bring headphones if you’d like. I’m happy to chat, but lots of talking can cause your eye pads to move and slow down application time.

At the end of your first appointment, I will give you a kit with aftercare instructions specific to my adhesive, a cleansing brush, and a lash wand for brushing out your extensions. It is also highly recommended that you purchase a foaming lash wash (you can purchase from me for $18). My clients with the best lash retention (how long the lashes last) are those who cleanse daily.

The term “retention” in the lash world refers to how well the lashes “retain” – in other words, how many of the lashes are still there when you’re coming back in for fills. A very high percentage of what contributes most to your lash retention is aftercare! Below you’ll find some suggestions and tips that will help you get the most out of your lash extensions for as long as possible. 

  • CLEANSINGThis is, hands down, the most important part of caring for your extensions! Cleanse your lashes with a foaming cleaner and a lash cleansing brush DAILY. In addition to that, any time you cry, sweat, or swim, cleanse the lashes as soon afterwards as possible. Cleansing will help make sure that anything at all that could sit on top of the adhesive and break it down over time will be removed, including dust, dirt, oil, and cosmetic residue.
  • BRUSHING – Brush your lashes daily, especially after you clean them. You can use a lash wand to fluff them back out.
  • OIL-FREE EVERYTHING – All products you use on your face, including makeup, skin care, moisturizer, and makeup remover should be OIL-FREE. Oil will work against the adhesive, which in turn can harm retention.
  • NO MASCARA – Mascara on your lash extensions, generally speaking, is a big no-no. If you still feel like you MUST have mascara, please ask me about a lash extension safe mascara. 
  • DON’T PICK OR PULL – Picking at or pulling on your extensions can cause harm to your natural lashes. Please avoid touching the extensions apart from cleansing and brushing them.
  • EYELINER – Select oil-free liner such as powder liner or water-based liquids.
  • SLEEP – Don’t sleep on your face. Sleeping on your back will help protect the extensions from damage. If you’re a rough sleeper or a face/side sleeper, consider purchasing a domed lash sleep mask!
  • FILLS – For best results, book your fill appointments in the 2-3 week range.